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How to Apply

Many prospective students have been profoundly affected by recent natural disasters. Smith is committed to making sure every prospective student has an opportunity to submit an application to be a part of the Smith community. If you have been affected by a natural disaster and are having difficulty meeting application deadlines, please be in touch with the Office of Admission. We wish to be as flexible as possible.

In an effort to support students affected by Hurricane Maria, Smith College is offering a fully-funded semester of study to students enrolled at the University of Puerto Rico for the spring 2018 semester. Students enrolled at other affected institutions may be eligible, as well, and should contact Smith at or call 413-585-2500 for more information. Please click here for more information.

We carefully consider your high school program, performance, experiences and potential for success at Smith. Most applications are read by two members of the admission staff and every part of your folder reveals another facet of your life. When we evaluate your transcript and read your recommendations, we look for evidence of success in a rigorous curriculum. Your essay tells us how you think and write and what you care about. Extracurricular activities give us a window on what you might contribute to our vibrant community.

We take a holistic and individual approach to each application. After all, we're choosing students, not statistical profiles44.

Preparing for a Smith Education

There is no typical applicant to Smith and no typical academic program, but we strongly recommend that you prepare for admission by taking the highest-level courses offered by your high school. Where possible, your course load should include:

  • four years of English composition and literature
  • three years of a foreign language (or two years each of two languages)
  • three years of mathematics
  • three years of lab science
  • two years of history

Beyond meeting standard requirements, we like to see applicants who pursue academic interests in greater depth. Occasionally students apply to Smith before completing high school, or they may have been schooled in a nontraditional way, such as home schooling. In either case, a high school diploma is not required.