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Student Employment

The student employment component of a financial aid award represents the opportunity to have a job on campus or through one of our off-campus employment partners. You are responsible for finding a position that aligns with your preferences and schedule, and are encouraged to apply early for the best selection of jobs.

You may work to earn money for books and supplies, to put towards your tuition accounts, or for personal spending money. There is no obligation to work all or any of the hours awarded, though income not earned is not replaced with other aid.

Ada Comstock Scholars with dependent children under the age of 18 will have the work component of their award replaced with the Balbach Grant. If you do not have a work study component to your award, you can still apply for jobs on campus after October 1 in the fall, and as of two weeks after classes begin in the spring.

For information about work-study at Smith College, see Student Employment.