Arrivals, Departures & Transfers

The Office of Human Resources produces a monthly arrivals and departures list for the Smith community. Each month's list will be announced via eDigest during the first full week of the month following that which we are announcing.

Arrivals (July 2017)

Shanice Bailey – Museum of Art
Brown Post-Bac Curatorial Fllw

Emma I. Chubb – Museum of Art
Curator of Contemporary Art

Clare E. Doyle – Athletics
Head Coach of Rowing

Katie N. Fortier – Center for Early Childhood Education

Charlotte M. Hecht – Museum of Art
Brown Post-Bac Fllw Mktg & Com.

Corey M. Lambert – Student Affairs
Student Support Coordinator

Sharon Looney-Armstrong – Development
Assistant Director, Smith Fund

Abigail C. Moon – Museum of Art
Post-Bac Museum Registration Fllw

Laure A. Morris – Development
Senior Philanthropic Advisor

Christie S. Peterson – Libraries – Special Collection
Head of Special Collections Tech Services

Thomas C. Richardson – Clark Science Center Administration
Administrative Director

Alistaire D. Ruggiero – Biological Sciences
Research Assistant

Jacqueline Sheehan – College Relations
Writing Instructor

Departures (July 2017)

Cynthia S. Di Geronimo – Provost/Dean of Faculty

Kathryn E. Lipp – Clark Science Center Administration

Atiyeh Sakaei-Far – Admission

Retirements (July 2017)

Calvin J. Meadows – Information Technology Services

Department Transfers/Promotions (July 2017)

Danielle D. Carr Ramdath – Dean, Seniors/Junior Class I-Z, Class Deans Office

Nadia Muusse – Org Advising & Fin. Coord., Engineering